Master Andrew Treadwell, Head Instructor of Phoenix Martial Arts Australia possess over 37 years of martial arts experience and over 25 years of teaching experience.

Instructing students across many generations and different walks of life over the years, Master Treadwell has a true passion for developing and encouraging…

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At Phoenix Martial Arts, we understand that choosing the right club is an important decision when beginning your martial arts journey.

From beginners to advanced, we pride ourselves on our level of professionalism, superior and quality training delivered by our experienced Head Instructor and coaches.

We aim to ensure a high level of happiness in our students – so that each student enjoys every stage of their journey at Phoenix Martial Arts.

We provide a fun and friendly environment allowing every student to feel Comfortable,Encouraged, Supported and Included. All while guiding you in gaining skills that will carry through your everyday life.
Gain the Confidence within yourself to be the best that you can be!

That is the power of training at Phoenix Martial Arts Australia!

Self Confidence

Self control and Self discipline


Setting goals and working towards them

Conflict Resolution

Overcoming a bully or gang situation

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