“Martial arts is important to us for many reasons after doing the miles looking and trialling many different places, I found Phoenix Taekwondo.

This is not a place I bring my boys just for exercise it instills discipline, integrity, indomitable spirit, kindness, respect and perseverance! They are also mentally stronger too!

Within the classes there is team spirit between the older and younger students, they all reach out and help each other. The community spirit and respect they have is a real testament to Coach Andrew!

Andrew has been a real role model to my boys and I love watching them grow!”

Justine Lunney

“Respect, Discipline and Dedication. Three words to describe what my two children have learnt in their time at Phoenix Taekwondo. Both my husband and I are so grateful for what Andrew works at instilling in our kids each and every week.”

Marita Hodges

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